Simple Ways to Show Kingsbridge Food Bank Much-Needed Support

On Monday 17th July, Morrisons Kingsbridge Community Champion have invited our local food bank to hold a fundraising appeal where the challenge is to fill a whole parking space with donations. Anything you can give will help them support the increasing number of people who rely on them.

Each week Kingsbridge Food Bank provides food, hygiene and household products as well as energy top-ups, prescription deliveries and other support to over 167 households in the town and surrounding areas, with numbers increasing daily.

Run by an amazing team of volunteers, they receive no direct government funding and rely on donations of food and money from the community.

The cost-of-living crisis has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people struggling to pay for food and bills, but the good news is that we can all do something to help.

How you can help

Some of the essential, everyday goods that are most popular are:

Breakfast Bars

Belvita Biscuits and Soft Bakes

Snack Bars


Tea, coffee, squash, juice, sweet and chocolate biscuits

Jam, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Spread, Marmite

Pasta, rice, and sauces

Dried / Instant Noodles

Beans / Spaghetti

They’re also seeing a dramatic increase in people with food allergies struggling to afford speciality food – which is significantly more expensive than regular groceries. So, Gluten, Dairy, Nut-free products are especially welcome.

Certain products can be donated but with special care taken, including dairy, perishable items like fresh fruit and veg (grown in gardens or on allotments) can be delivered to the centre at The Avon Centre, Wallingford Road, Kingsbridge TQ7 1ND during opening hours.

Homemade cooking or baking can be delivered directly to the centre – but ingredients must be listed, in writing, on delivery, in accordance with Natasha’s Law 2021.

Even the smallest donations add up when people pull together to help their neighbours and their community.

And it’s not just donations of food that are welcomed. Our food bank needs financial support to keep the operation running. So, another way of helping could be to make a monetary donation or set up a standing order. Please let me know if you’d like their bank details.

I feel fortunate that I can support our local food bank, including publicising the excellent work they do and saluting the amazing volunteers who make it all happen. 

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